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Improve your website’s navigation with these simple tips

While content may be king and good design is crucial, easy navigation is vital to a user when viewing a website. If users have to click more than two or three times to locate a particular page on your site, you may have to reconsider your site layout. Follow these easy tips to create effective navigation.

1. Keep it simple
Depending on the nature of your business, the navigation of the website will differ. However, every good site has a self explanatory navigation. For instance, in order to reach a larger audience, it is important to incorporate terminology that the majority of users will be familiar with in your main nav. This will allow easy navigating around the site with minimal confusion.

2. Main Navigation Tabs
There are certain important tabs in every navigation bar because they provide users with the majority of information that they will need when visiting a website. Overall, you want your users to be able to easily interact with your company as well as learn about how your company can assist them, whether that is through services or the product your company sells.

3. Additional Features
Keep in mind that all users will not be accessing your site on a device that has a back button. As a result, it is a good idea to include what is referred to as “breadcrumbs” on your site. Other features you include are header and footer nav bars, which only includes the main nav. Incorporating a search bar and sitemap is also advisable.

4. Consistent Design
While a navigation is a functional part of the website, it is important to incorporate the design of the website into the navigation. Navigations include different style features that should be appear consistent with the rest of the website. For instance, when the user hovers over a link the in the navigation, it should be a color that is already being utilized within the site such as the company’s corporate color.

5. Mobile Friendly
While designing a website for numerous devices is important, it is just as important to create a navigation that will allow users to easily view your website on any device too. With responsive web design, the navigation is normally displayed in an easy to read drop-down functionality.